Bedrock Fiduciaries

Integrity is doing the right thing when you don’t have to- when no one else is looking or will ever know.

Bedrock Fiduciaries: Our Philisophy


At Bedrock Fiduciaries, we believe a company is no better than its guiding principles and the degree to which those are adhered to... and that the same applies to people.

Every licensed fiduciary has a legal obligation to act in their clients' best interests, and anyone carrying out such a role - be they a friend, family member, or another professional, regardless of training, licensure or background - has a moral obligation to do so.

The fiduciary standard is just the beginning, however. Beyond acting faithfully, we see our role as one that should inspire confidence, bring comfort to those who rely upon us, and improve the state of affairs for all matters entrusted to us.

You'll see one key example of this in the section of this website about data security - an area where it is too easy to lag (indeed, we suspect that lagging is the norm) and where too much is at stake. Another is the way we've built our business: from the outset, we've been focused not only on performing our duties with integrity, diligence and commitment, but in the most efficient way possible. The relatively casual way in which most people manage their own affairs is inadequate to the fiduciary's task, and the processes most use to do so are too loosely organized and inefficient to work at scale.

While organization is one key, the challenge with many organizational systems is that they consume vast quantities of time - and in this business, time is money. Client money... money we are working to preserve. We felt it critical to implement a system that would enable us to be nimble and efficient with our time yet still allow us to exert the same attention to detail that traditional bookkeepers have with their rows of filing cabinets and proprietary, largely indecipherable (to others) filing systems.

Since the system we built is in some sense our "secret sauce" (to be fair, our people are the most important ingredient... but our system is like the yeast in the bread) we choose not to expose its every detail, but the image below will give you a feel for how quickly and easily it enables us to manage all our clients' data, deliverables, and due dates.

This is the Bedrock way. (Frankly, we marvel at those who cope without such a system). For more about what "makes us tick," read about our founder, Gene Brown.