These topics are daunting for many. We understand.

Every situation is unique. Here you will find some general answers – but they are not a
replacement for a true, individualized consultation. To discuss your own situation, please reach out.

Frequently asked questions

You guessed it – it depends.

For Daily Money Management, we are able to serve out-of-state clients provided they are comfortable with primarily remote service.  We use Teams, Zoom, and old-fashioned phones as well as secure email, regular mail, and other means to manage cases remotely.  Gene Brown handled his aunt’s case for more than 7 years even though he was usually 3000 miles away.  In some cases, we will travel to remote clients, as Gene did for his aunt – but you should be aware that the travel expense is billable to the client.  We can also help transition a remote client to a local Daily Money Manager should their circumstances change in a way that requires a local professional.

Serving as trustee, on the other hand, is regulated by law in some states, but not others.  Our ability to serve in another state will depend largely on that state’s law.  Beyond state law, the primary consideration for taking on an out-of-state role as trustee, conservator, guardian or Power of Attorney is the nature of the case.  Some things can be handled quite effectively from a distance – again, Gene did this for his aunt when serving as trustee for her estate.  In other cases, though, we will advise that the specifics of the situation would benefit from a locally-based trustee, Power of Attorney, or other role.

Yes.  Our initial consultation is entirely complementary.  Just contact us using the “Free Case Review” link.

Because we offer a variety of services, our fees are varied.  Fees that are calculated on an hourly basis, tracking time in increments of one-tenth of an hour (0.1 hours).  

We will not take on a case solely to provide health care oversight (for example, acting as agent under a Health Care Directive).  However, in cases where we take on responsibility for financial matters, we will sometimes also take on responsibility for health care management.  This is evaluated on a case-by case basis.

This is separate from the question of handling health care insurance and billing.  Those are financial matters, and are routinely included in Daily Money Management and trustee services.

That is no problem, and is not uncommon.  Our engagement letter for Daily Money Management allows you to specify exactly what areas you’d like help in now, and is easily amended to add more areas of responsibility later.  In effect, this allows you to “test drive” our service by using it sparingly at first and then increasing your reliance on us over time.