Data Security

How we protect you

Data security has never been a bigger issue. While we realize there is no such thing as impenetrable data security, it's an issue we take very seriously.

Our core systems provide enterprise-grade data security, underpinned by numerous leading-edge technologies and data management practices. We back them up with steps to help ensure physical security - because neither one on its own is enough.

We work hard to establish secure connections to trusted sources; encrypt all data whenever and wherever possible; adopt enterprise grade software platforms; and implement responsible on-site security measures such as a fireproof safe for critical documents, a security camera system, and when our mascot is on site a canine warning system (yes, we are dog people).

Secure Connections

We use a FortiGate 61F firewall by Fortinet, supplier to many S&P 500 and Fortune 100 organizations. Named in several Gartner Magic Quadrants, you can read more about Fortinet and their recognition as Microsoft's 2020 Commercial Marketplace Partner of the Year here.

When not connected to our trusted network at home, virtually all of our connections (no pun intended) are via VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Antivirus, Web Protection and Anti-Ransomware:
Our local "software police" is one of the top-rated antivirus providers, Bitdefender.